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Company Charter

1.0 About us:

The Ebonwing Court – (EWC) is an adult gaming community founded in late 2016. Led by our eccentric leader, we are a multi-gaming community that’s full of like-minded individuals that all share the same passion, New World. We pride ourselves on being a well-established, drama-free multi-purpose community that aims to be very well respected throughout the Aeternum community. We have a wonderful, diverse crowd amongst our ranks, with players from all across the country. We strongly believe in a guild-first atmosphere here, and we are certain that this approach will lead to our success.

Presence In New World: Closed Beta

The members of EWC participated in the New World Closed Beta from July 20th, 2021 thru August 2nd 2021 on the Thule server. During this time, TEC claimed and maintained ownership of the Hamlet of Restless shores until beta end. A progressive PvE group led by the Company PvE Consul cleared all available expeditions as well as participating in numerous clears of corruption breaches as well as arenas. A portion of TEC’s PvP oriented members participated in numerous wars as both attackers and defenders. In addition, a good amount of time was spent experiencing open world PvP battles.

Presence In New World: Open Beta

The members of TEC participated in the New World Open Beta from September 9th, 2021 thru September 12th 2021 on the Dominora server. During this time members of our court focused on testing builds in preparation for launch day., members of EWC participated in several company managed events such as a Housing Contest and a Dueling event hosted by the PvP Consul that aimed to help new players become familiar with dueling as well as open-world PvP.

Presence In New World:

Based on the NA-E server of Orofena. Our company now regularly runs organized PvE & PVP content while looking to expand our member roster.

More to be added soon.


1.1 – Member Contributions: 

Territory Incentives

The unfortunate situation with New World’s company tracking features means there is no way to track who or when a coin was donated to the treasury. Because of this after you have donated to our company treasury in-game, you should post in the #Treasury Donations channel located on our Discord server, an officer will then update a well-managed spreadsheet. (Please refrain from sending donations directly to company leadership.)


1.2 – Areas of Focus

Player vs Environment — Our main focus will be PvE. With a main and a secondary raid team, we plan on progressing in all open world and instanced expeditions as well as arenas, eventually clearing all the end game content as it is released.

We encourage company members to actively help and aid each other to provide a more beneficial community and help the company and its members thrive in a friendly and helpful social company. We don’t shun ”lone wolves” however, we do ask that aid is given where needed if possible.

Player vs Player — We as a company will participate in all aspects of PvP including but not limited to, Dueling, Outpost Rush, 3v3 Arenas, Wars, organized PvP Events, and the likes. Upon claiming a settlement, our company intends on protecting our claim. In the event of hostile player aggression, we will always try diplomacy and economic solutions to resolve a situation first. However, we will not shy away from a more drastic approach.

The choice is truly up to the company member on how much or how little they wish to participate in PvP. This is also the case with RP.

Role-playing — As a thriving community we have many members who actively engage in post-by-post role-playing and have Discord channels dedicated to those who wish to engage in the pastime from improv to organized fictional company meetings and operations. Many of the company members have very vast and imaginative back-stories and everyone is more than welcome to participate.

However, this does not supersede our priority as a PvX organization. We accept it with open arms until the time comes when we organize group events and such but the role-play side of our company is vast and we encourage participation.


1.3 – Event Information:

Events are listed in Eastern Time Zone and generally start between 6:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST. The Governor’s events generally start at 11:30 PM EST and run until 3:30 AM EST.

Events will be split into 3 ranks. However, this will only be implemented after a reasonable time has passed after the game launches in September.

Settler: Able to participate in open PvE, social, and PVP events.
Frontliner: Able to participate in regularly scheduled PvP Events.
Pioneer: Able to participate in regularly scheduled PvE events.


1.4 – Scheduled Events:

Event Information:

Organized PvE & PvP Events will be specified as either being ‘progressive, or normal runs’. All scheduled group runs are rostered at the discretion of the PvE/PvP Captain or PvE/PvP Officer.

The PvE/PvP Sections will list the company’s established groups as well as their current status.
The Discord Event feature will be utilized for signing up for in-game events.

How to sign up:

1. Click on the chosen event located in the Organized Events channel in Discord.
2. Click on the option to join. (Certain events will be restricted by role i.e Pioneer or Frontliner.)
3. If you become unsure that you can make the event, please place yourself as either ‘Tenative’ or ‘Declined.
4. The group leaders will post finalized rosters and the event key-code before the event goes out. Type the event’s key-code in company chat when the event begins.

Poor behavior may lead to probation for future events. Poor behavior is considered, but not limited to: toxicity toward other Pioneers, trolling/griefing, begging to be rostered, unwanted backseat raid leading, being late or no show without 1-hour notice to the group leader.

You may observe our group runs or raids by joining the Discord voice chat, but please try to keep quiet when in session.


1.5 – Company Ranks:


Governor – The creator of The Ebonwing Court. Responsible for maintaining and running the community. (Fun Fact: Probably likes to hear himself talk.)

Consul – The Governor’s Senior Staff. (Fun Fact: Is authorized to make major decisions.)

PvE Officer – Subject matter expert of PvE content. (Fun Fact: Often leads PvE events.)

PvP Officer – Subject matter expert of PvP content. (Fun Fact: Often takes on the role of the “shot-caller” for wars or team organizer for 3v3 arenas.)

General Affairs Officers – Experienced players of their role. (Fun Fact: These are the PvE & PvP experts, Master Crafters, Discord Admins, and Recruiters of the company.)

If you have feedback for the officer cadre or any issues with a member, please DM an officer. If you have an issue with an officer, please reach out to the Governor.

We are always looking for potential new PvE Officers, PvP Officers, and Officers of all kinds. If you are interested in taking on more responsibility within our community please let an officer know. We always need more!


Frontliner – Players who are invited to PvP content first.

Pioneer – Players who regularly participate in group PvE content.

Mentor – Veteran players who have dedicated their time and efforts to better the community, always willing to answer questions and help members.

Legacy – Players who have made large contributions to the company either in Discord or in-game.

Settler – Active players who participate in Discord and in-game. Members are welcome to join PvE and PvP events but may be asked to sit during progression fights if there are issues with low performance or lack of raid awareness.

Recruit – Players who may be interested in becoming a permanent member of the company. (Would be required to complete an application and will be evaluated on synergy with the company as well as In-game/Discord activity.)


1.6 – Inactivity Policy:

What is the company’s stance on inactivity?

Our stance that is 1 month or more of inactivity without prior notification will result in removal from the company. It’s highly encouraged that you inform an officer if you feel that you will be away for an extended period of time. (We will work with you just have to communicate with us!)

What does the company consider to be an active member?

We consider someone who at the very least logs on more than 3 seconds in a 2 week period to be an active member. It’s highly recommended you contribute to the company and interact with your fellow company members either in-game or on our Discord server. (Any kind of to put forth make one’s presence known will be counted as activity.)

What happens when a member is removed from the company?

When a member of EWC is to be removed due to inactivity, they will be removed from our in-game roster, but as long as they haven’t been removed due to disciplinary reasons the former member will remain on our Discord server as an honored guest.

Can a former member rejoin the company?

Yes, a former member of EWC can reapply to join after waiting a period of 30 days.


1.7 Rules and Guidelines:

The Big Three:

Politics, Sexuality, and Religion. There are all sensitive subjects that would be better discussed via direct message on Discord, not in company chat. We are here to game, not make our lives more stressful.

The NSFW chat channel on Discord is not an authorized location to speak of inflammatory subjects.

Abusive Behavior:

Abuse behavior in any form will not be tolerated! This expectation is applied to voice chat, chat in-game, open chats, and direct messages. Any form of verbal/written threat or harassment will result in immediate expulsion from our Discord server, followed by the removal from the Company. Bye. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for trolling or bullying.

Faction Chat:

Absolutely no attacking/mocking/baiting anyone in Faction Chat. It reflects on the whole Company.


Streamers, YouTubers, and similar mediums (Collectively: “Streamers”) are wholly welcomed into The Ebonwing Court. Players who purposefully attack or put such individuals at a disadvantage are subject to disciplinary action.

Streamers are encouraged to make themselves and their intentions known to the Company’s leaders so that their channels can be advertised.

Recording certain events such as Company meetings may be prohibited due to the nature of sensitive information.

If someone is found to be recording sensitive information, they are subject to disciplinary action.

For the time being, all recording is placed on the trust system. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.

These rules, just like every rule in this document, are subjected in addition to the Terms of Service for Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and Amazon Games Studios respectively.

Reporting Rather Than Engaging

If a member of The Ebonwing Court breaks these guidelines, or if a Faction Ally behaves destructively towards The Ebonwing Court, do the following:

• When it comes to obnoxious players, don’t take the bait. They want you to make a scene.
• Reacting abusively to an obnoxious player is still considered Abusive Behavior.
• Keep in mind that the opinion of one player does not speak for their whole group/company.
• Take screenshots or recordings of the event.
• Report the incident to the Governor @Crowley in a private message on Discord with any supporting documentation.

The Golden Rule:

Under no circumstance is Crowley or any of his descendants permitted to name anything in either the company or in any of its holdings. If this rule is broken the Governor shall be fined.

The Governor may, at any time, annul or alter the rules written here unless they directly oppose a rule written by a greater power, such as the Faction Leader that we have sworn loyalty to.

In such a case, the highest reigning power is the rule to follow.

The Governor is not permitted to annul or alter the naming rule, either.


1.8 – Q & A

What can EWC offer you?

EWC is a community, a family and we look after our own! We can provide you with the safety to achieve your goals and ambitions within a dangerous world, whether your interests lie in PvE, PvP, or RP content. We aim to provide an everlasting experience, one of continual pursuit and accomplishment. Finally, the EWC provides its members a say in all matters of concern.

What separates EWC from the rest?

Whilst many strive and hope to achieve the above, many simply lack the resources, pro-activeness, and support of experienced members. EWC has an extensive network of resources and members within the company as well as those who we call our allies, all exceptionally loyal to one another and working towards a common goal. We will provide an undying interest and excitement within New World.

Is this company right for me?

If you are continuing to read this, then chances are you are at the very least, looking for a place to call home. Let’s be honest, picking a community nowadays requires a bit of effort, and I applaud you for taking the time to research us to ensure we are the right fit for you. Below is a small list of requirements and standards we expect from our players. Have a look over them, and if you like what you see and feel we are exactly what you are looking for, then I encourage you to continue to the How to Join the channel and complete a short application.

What we require and what we expect

Loyalty, friendship, and commitment to the values of our community. All we ask is that you abide by the EWC Rules & Guidelines as you enjoy yourself and become a member of this amazing community while supporting your fellow company members.


Membership Requirements:

We play on a North American – East Coast server, however, we will take in players from all around the world as well. (A fluent level of English is needed.)

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to be eligible for membership.

Voice chat on Discord will be required for organized PvE & PvP events, you aren’t required to speak but listening in is a must.

You must be willing to contribute towards the upkeep costs of maintaining a territory every week

The Wait-List:

In the event, our member roster is capped at 100 members. We will offer the potential recruit a spot on our waitlist. The following will apply for recruits who agree to be placed on the wait-list:

1. Recruits will be granted access to our Discord server so that they can interact with the community.
2. Recruits will be regularly invited to join our PvE & PvP groups during “Open” runs.
3. Recruits are subject to our company rules & guidelines.
4. Recruits will be evaluated on synergy with the company as well as In-Game/Discord activity. (In the event a recruit shows undesirable traits, their application will be revoked and the applicant will be removed.
4. When a position becomes open on our member roster, the recruit will be invited as soon as possible

Applying For Membership:

Players may apply by completing a short application located on our website and or speaking with an officer on our Discord Server.

Warning: Joining The Ebonwing Court may cause dehydration, elevated heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and euphoria.


2.0 – Acknowledgements

We wish to thank everyone involved with the development of this company or any other projects we have going on at the present time. It truly is a community effort. Although I do not wish to leave anyone out, a special thanks go out to the following individuals:

@Honest Dichotomy


@Yogita Remix
@Bete Noire
@Infarct the lurker
@Taln (Zen Spren)
@Captain Loki
@Raven Der Sünder